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Outline your needs, time frame, whether you are signed to a major or are an independent artist. We will get back to you with pricing and availability. Our pricing is two tiered. Indie and major. If everything aligns and its a go, we then will put a creative call together.



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  • Memphis, TN, United States


- Export WAV files from DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, etc) - Compress / Zip the folder that contains ALL of the WAV files - *On* Click the Tab that says "CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD & SEND" - Drag and drop the Compressed / Zipped folder into the "MESSAGE" section - Send to ""
When sending your two-track mix for mastering, please send as a 24 or 16 bit .WAV or .AIFF file. Turn off all compression, EQ and limiting on the master fader. MP3 files are not acceptable for high quality mastering, and converting them in itunes will not change this. You must bounce or export directly from your mixing software to achieve a true 24bit WAV file. When you're ready, make payment and you will receive a link to upload.
For single song mixes, and mastering projects I will get back to you in 2 to 3 days. For full albums it will take about a week or week and half depending on how intensive the tracks are. If you are in a rush, please let me know and we can find a way to expedite the process for a small fee.
We mix completly in the box, using the best plugins from UAD, Waves, Slate, FabFilter, Soundtoys and more.

About YoJi Roby

Born and raised in Memphis, TN. 
Owner of, Milan YoJi Roby is also a music producer, studio engineer, songwriter and recording artist. 
Not only is he a multi-instrumentalist, he also produces his own music videos.
His musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland.
He uses his musical gift as a tool of liberation and to explain the world from his point of view. 
His most recent work can be found here.
About YoJi Roby

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